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Despite the elements
115 SquadronWelcome on the website of the Friends of 115 Squadron, Belgium

Our aim as a small group of local amateur historians:

History – We wish to search and pass historical information, to try to link up to the future in a digital area, that way preserving and applying new found data in an effort to complied history’s unspoken answers.

Respect – We cannot pay more tribute to them who have fallen, than to pay respect for them. In our research, we always respect the family's wishes and also the privacy of those who are left behind.

Remembrance - We wish to ensure that the people who fell, military and civilian are never forgotten. There for, each year, we lay a wreath at the monument of a crashed Lancaster.

Education – We support initiatives as; school projects and private quests, enabling us to understand the reasons for the freedom we have today and look to the future in a positive manner.

Future generations must be reminded of what happened in WWII so that they never forget that their freedom was gained by acts and sacrifices of these men and women in history.

Members, Geert Bourguignon, Bram Dermout, Filip Doms, Dan Jonckers, Erwin Sollie, Danny Van Den Broeck, Dirk Vermeulen.

Roll of Honour
and Aircraft losses.

1940 - 1941 - 1942 - 1943 1944/45/46
Cope Jack Edward,
evade from

Belgium to Gibraltar
Old newsletters. The Tiller
The story of
"The Y's 'Owells"

Family Howell donating the
Y's 'Owells Emblem to the
RAF Witchford Display of Memorobilia.
TV reportage & slideshows.
Newspaper clips/photos 2019

27 April - Presentation of the book "Despite the Elements" written by Bram Dermout.
photos from Bob Lams FaceBook

28 April - HLN - Remembrance Lancaster DS734, Sint-Katelijne-Waver.

28 April - photos from Bob Lams FaceBook

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115 Squadron
P/O Cagienard Robert Roland
Pilot. serv. no. 174879
°1920 - +1944
via Fam. Jean & Alan Duke
Sgt. Eldrett F.
Fl. Eng. serv. no. 1397252
via Mellissa Shepherd.
W/O 2. Davison Ray
Rear Gunner serv. no. 2200204
via Davison Lian.
P/O. Mills James - DFC.
Pilot serv. no. 43016
via Woods Ashley.
F/O. Snyder John L.
Pilot serv. no. J-36626 RCAF.
via Hofeldt Tiffany.
Sgt. Base Raymond V.
Fl. Eng. serv. no. 3010920.
via Base Roxy.
115 SquadronAll info and photos relating 115 Sqn are welcome, mail them to friends115squadron@gmail.com,
the team thanks you for your effort.

< Our photobook.

115 SQUADRON - R.A.F. Operations Record Book - 1939-1945.

These pages including the Summary of Events (the daily notes),
and Details of sortie or flight (the mission's details, and the crewmembers).
This is a major task and will take months of work.
The plan in the future is to connect a search module.

George BrownFrom the left to the right - 115 Sqn.

F/O. W. T. (Bill) Smith, Air Bomber, RCAF J.27224.

Sgt. George Brown, Mid Upper, RCAF R.209559.

Sgt. George F. Hawkins, Nav., RAF.

F/Lt. Kenn V. Gadd, Captain, RCAF J.27906.

Sgt. Don Miller, Rear Gunner, RCAF R.217134.

Sgt. R. (Ken) Bradfield, WOP/Air, RAF.

Sgt. Doug Marsh, Flt. Eng., RAF.

With thanks to Aviation Heritage Centre Marham.

George BrownA reaction from Jim Brown,

My dad is George Brown. Mid upper gunner RCAF.
Born in Alberta, lived and died in London, Ontario in 1999.

This crew was shot up in a raid on a rail yard near Paris in June or July of 1944.

Pilot brought her in but most of the crew bailed out over England.

I still have the D ring.

These crews put it all on the line.

Wellington Z1606On 27 December we received a new face for the Roll of Honour,
John Weston send us a photo of his great uncle Sgt. Weston Cecil Stanley.

He and his crewmembers lost their lives 26 July 1942 during a mission on
Duisburg, Germany. On Wellington - Z1606 - KO-J.

The Crew was initially buried at Krefeld in the Houptfriedhof Central Cemetery,
now resting at Reichswald Forest War Cemetery.

Thanks John, much appreciated.

Remembrance service at church and wreath-laying at war memorial.


Service of Remembrance at R.A.F. Witchford. - Credit: BETH LANE

Relatives and friends of ex 115 Squadron Airmen attended the Remembrance church service
at St Andrew's Church in Witchford on Sunday.

The service was conducted by Stuart Mitchell.
They were joined by four representatives of 115 Squadron from RAF Wittering.

After the church service, they gathered round the 115 Squadron memorial which is
situated in the memorial garden at Lancaster Way Business Park (formerly RAF Witchford airfield during WWll).

There was a short service and wreath-laying ceremony.

This service was conducted by Rev. Teresa DIxon and Stuart Mitchell.
They then visited RAF Witchford Display of Memorabilia.

The museum is dedicated to the men and women who served with 115 Squadron at Witchford and
75 (NZ) Squadron who served at Mepal.

Meanwhile, Duxford Imperial War Museum staged a 10,000 poppy drop from a Dragon Rapid as a Spitfire
completed a flypast and mini air-show.

Source: Ely Standard, November 16, 2021.


Herinneringsmoment in Alken, Sint-Joris, plechtigheid aan het Lancastermonument voor HK542 KO-J.

"Lest we forget"

Lancaster hk542 Photos by Geert Bourguignon.

Music, "Remembrance Reflections" by Katie Sharma Gt. Gt.
Niece of Dan Burgess Lancaster Pilot 115 RAF Squadron.

Video footage from Schoonselhof Cemetery Antwerp by Erwin Sollie, RAF 115 Squadron Researcher.

Wellington R3292 This picture from Sgt. Alan Jervis Pennington
was kindly donated to the Marham Aviation Heritage Centre by hise family.

He and the Crew on Wellington R.3292 were killed in action 1st October 1940, aged 20.

Also lost on this mission was Wellington T.2549, 2 survived, 4 were KIA.

Info and photo via Mark Every, thanks.